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Classics Club Spin #20

Well, it certainly has been a minute since I last posted. It was October I believe. It's not that I haven't been reading, I have. Unlike past quiet periods I've been reading more. In late October I started working for an online bookstore and it's taken up most of my time. I haven't really had the energy or motivation to write. I'm also a university student so my time is limited. But things have calmed down a little in my personal life and I've gotten a handle on my busy schedule. This year I've mostly been reading Ivan Turgenev and Virginia Woolf who are my two favourite writers. It wasn't planned but it's been nice just sitting with their works and letting their words wash over my soul. It's been much needed. Now, however, I'm ready to take a dive back into my Classics Club list and this Spin couldn't come at a better time.

The Rules for the Classics Club Spin are: 

1. Go to your blog
2. Pick 20 books that you've got to read fro…

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