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First Love, by Ivan Turgenev

Everyone has a first love. Maybe you're still with your first love. Maybe it was several loves ago. Maybe it ended amicably. Maybe it ended with heartbreak. Maybe it's a bittersweet memory. Maybe the scars are still sewn into the marrow of your bones. Maybe, like me, you've dated several people before, and since, your first love but somehow in the silent moments it always comes back to them. Or, like Vladimir Petrovich in First Love by Ivan Turgenev, your first love "started with the second."

First Love, by Ivan Turgenev, was published in March of 1860 in a journal called the Readers Library. It's now seen as one of his greatest novels/stories and one of the greatest descriptions of the pain and pure happiness that only a first love can bring. I can definitely attest to that. There were moments where I had to put the book down for several moments, or several days, because it was so real and caused a physical sensation in my chest. Or sent shivers from the tip…

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