I have been;

Well, it certainly has been a minute (or two) since I've felt that oft unpredictable urge to write. A lot has changed in my life since I was last here. Both on romanoirs (the long time friends will remember my previous blog) and here I have always been upfront about what has been going on in my life but I think I'll leave that for another post. Suffice to say the last year or so has been chaotic and bumpy. Some great things and some not so great things have happened. But such is life, right? 
Although I haven't written here in a while I've still been reading everything you all have written. The other day I saw a post on O's blog called "I have been;" and it seemed like an opportunity I couldn't pass up. So, without further ado, I have been: 


Lately I've been getting into poetry. A lot of my writing is either about nature or nature is the backdrop and my poetry is no exception. I'm also writing in my journal more often and working on posts about my Turgenev Project. I've read most of his novels now, some essays, a few short stories and three of his plays. This will come as a shock to no one but he's definitely become my favourite writer. 


I've been focusing on Russian literature lately (always) and Russian history. Along with many short stories and poetry I've been reading I'm making my way through the three Catherine the Great biographies I own as well as Turgenev's novels and Chekov's short stories. I've also been reading a Turgenev biography and I feel like I know him better than myself at this point. Well, as much as anyone can know Turgenev. 


It's early evening in my little corner of the world at the moment and if I had my way I would be listening to the rain outside of my window but alas it's quite a warm autumn night. As for what I'm actually listening to...Sweet Sexy Savage (Album) by Kehlani which is my latest obsession. I have this thing where I listen to an album over and over until I can't stand it anymore. 


 I haven't watched a movie or episode of a television series in too long. Busy, busy, busy. But I recently watched Empire of the Tsars on Netflix for the fifth (?) time. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. And I do. Daily.


I'm looking out my window at the moment even though I can't see a thing because its pitch black. I feel calm when I do so. Just letting the breeze wash over me.


To put aside small moments during the day for myself. I've always been someone who is there for people at all times but self care is important too, folks. I've also been reading up on the often rocky relationships between 19th century Russian authors which is quite fascinating. 


I've been feeling very cluttered inside and I can't really explain it better than that. But I'm working on untangling the threads in my mind and in my body. I've been working towards things I want and getting rid of toxic things in my life. It's a process.


It's my birthday at the end of this month so anticipating my 26th year and what the next year will bring. I'm not sure if I'll be doing anything for my birthday but we shall see.


I had more time to dedicate to reading and writing. But I do try and set aside time at night if I'm not too exhausted to do so. 


Myself. It's a process.

Well I shall leave it there for now. I hope everyone is well and having a great 2018.


  1. Russian literature can be food for the soul, especially when life is rough. I shall have to look out for that documentary... I watched the History Channel's "Land of the Tsars" some years back and found it very fascinating.

    Hope things get better soon, and happy (early) birthday!


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