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The Iliad: Books I and II

One of my "bookish resolutions" this year was to challenge myself and I'm not sure there's quite a challenge like Homer. When I saw Cleo was hosting a Read-Along of the IliadI just knew I had to participate. I think reading it over two months with others and splitting it into manageable steps is less overwhelming then trying to tackle the Iliad alone and all at once. It really gives you time to sit with each book and ruminate over it. The edition I have is George Chapman's 1589 (!) version which is definitely another challenge within itself but I am loving it so far. Once you get used to the language you can admire the poetry for what it is. A little sidenote about Chapman: a lot of scholars think he was the rival poet of Shakespeare's Sonnets (78-86) which I thought was pretty interesting.

- Chapman's translation of the Iliad is in iambic hexameter (Homer's original is in dactylic hexameter).
- Although a translat…

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